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July 22, 2010
Motivational speaker Ryan Porter's Newsletter

Make Your Own Lunch TV

It's finally here. Make Your Own Lunch TV!

We've been working hard fimling episodes and getting them ready for YOU!

The videos are short clips that will make you think about things differently and approach your decsions with excitement.

Aside from working on the video blog, I have been traveling and speaking to more teens than ever.

I would love to come and speak to you and your teens. Please contact us with any questions.

As always, you can get in touch by emailing me at or by following me on Twitter or on Facebook OR by joining the new fan page at

C'mon, eveyrbody's doing it.

Keeping it Real[istic].

Keep it realImagine this. It's the late 1800's. Nobody is wearing Nike's yet. MySpace literally meant your personal space and Twitter was probably something done in an outhouse.

Two guys named Orville and Wilbur see some birds flying. They decide "we can do that".

Nobody has ever flown before in history.

Can you imagine how many people would have told them to "be realistic"?

I have no idea why it works like this but it seems everytime we have something we are excited about, somehwere we want to go or something we want to do, there's someone there to tell us that it's not realistic or that we should have a backup plan.

On December 17th 1903, the brother's showed the world the power of decision and deciding what's real...

Watch the video HERE


Lunch Lines by Ryan Porter

Finally, a book to go along with Ryan's presentation Make Your Own Lunch.

Lunch Lines is a collection of short quotes and "Ryan-isms" that are perfect for the Facebook/Twitter generation. The short, to-the-point sayings, will motivate and remind you of the power you have to Make Your Own Lunch.

MAJOR Discounts available for conferences pre-ordering a large quantity of Lunch Lines.

Contact us for more information.