Take your kids to work day - November 3, 2010

Take Our Kids to Work is next week! On Wednesday, November 3, 2010, hundreds of thousands of grade nine students from across Canada will spend the day at work exploring a wide variety of career options.

Having a Successful Day

The key to having a great day is being ready for when the students walk through the door. The following is a reminder of some of the steps that can be taken ahead of time to ensure that you and the students enjoy a safe and informative day. Also, check out the Take Our Kids to Work on Twitter and Facebook section below.

During the day:
• Make sure that your fellow employees are aware that November 3rd is Take Our Kids to Work day.
• Let the receptionist know which students are coming and who their contact person is.
• Start the day with a group orientation session and emphasize security, health and safety issues.
• Ensure that all students are supervised at all times, preferably on a one-to-one basis.
• Provide a wide variety of experiences for the students to see all levels of responsibility in the work environment.
• If possible, provide lunch for the students that day.
• Try to encourage discussion and meaningful conversation about job possibilities within the particular work place.
• Discuss future long-term educational needs to fulfill job expectations.
• Try to provide a realistic perspective of salary expectations for entry-level positions.

Take Our Kids to Work Day on Facebook and Twitter
This year Take Our Kids to Work goes social.

On Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010, take part in the online conversations to encourage grade nine students to visualize their futures in any of the following ways:

• #TOKW Tweet about your current profession and two skills required for success.

• #TOKW Tweet about your current profession and link to one online resource that students can refer in order to develop a better understanding of it.

• If you are a parent or an employer hosting students at your workplace, you can #TOKW tweet about the proceedings of the day.
• Retweet any interesting tweets that make use of #TOKW.
• Follow us on Twitter @TLPCanada to receive guidelines for parents, teachers, and employers to make this day a success for all.
• Encourage students to read our tweets on Take Our Kids to Work Day at @TLPCanada. They can also follow our tweets on our facebook fan page.
Now in its 16th year, The Learning Partnership’s Take Our Kids to Work program focuses on the importance of education, skills development and training while giving students the opportunity to experience the world of work and the variety of career opportunities that await them.

Thanks for participating and have a great day!

The Learning Partnership is a national charitable organization. If you would like to support our programs and initiatives across Canada, please click here.

The Ultimate Dream Job Contest 2010 Winner!
Congratulations to The Ultimate Dream Job Contest 2010 Grand Prize winner from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia!

My dream job is to become an Archaeologist. Archaeology seems like a challenging job that requires fascination with the past and study of the life-ways of ancient people. It`s funny to say but Indiana Jones actually inspired me to want to become an archaeologist. Seeing him go on all these exciting adventures all over the world, and not to mention discovering the past. The goal is not to discover artifacts the goal is to find pieces of a puzzle that proves a new theory about history.

The Grand Prize winner will meet with The Honourable Peter Milliken in Ottawa on Take Our Kids to Work Day.
Congratulations to our weekly and grand prize winners! Thank you to everyone who submitted photos during the contest. Click here to view the Finalist Gallery.

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