National Engineering Month – celebrating tech careers that change the world!

March 28, 2012 | By Sheena


Have you ever felt misunderstood? That’s how engineering feels. It’s a booming, prosperous industry that is changing the way the world works, but in the Toronto Region there are 30 per cent more new engineering jobs than there are engineering grads from local colleges and universities. This is according to a new study that also asked high school and post-secondary students to rate their interests in select various industries. Engineering was in last place, tied only with computer sciences. Why?

Engineers are like artists and architects – able to bring big, bold ideas to life through innovative technologies and processes that make sports safer, the planet greener and the military stronger - to name only a few examples. Engineers work in space travel, science, medicine, robotics and food. In fact, March is National Engineering Month (NEM) and we’re celebrating 21 types of engineering and the skills needed to be successful in the profession.

NEM was created by Engineers Canada in 1992 and is Canada’s biggest celebration of engineering. It’s also designed to introduce young people like you to all the possibilities!

This year marks a new Ontario partnership between Engineers Without Borders Canada, the Ontario Association of Certified engineering Technicians and Technologists, and Professional Engineers Ontario who are working together to host more than 140 events across the province. For a full list of details, check out NEM Ontario’s blog.

Not every engineer-related role requires a university degree like Professional Engineers (P.Eng.) There are also certified engineering technicians (C.Tech.) and certified engineering technologists (C.E.T.), with each requiring a different length of college education from two to three years. You can get more information on the different engineering careers at the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists and Professional Engineers Ontario.

The greatest thing about engineering is it is changing the world! Check out these five CareerMash videos of engineers and their careers to learn more about this powerful profession.

April Blaylock, Aeryon Labs

April programs aerial robots that fly into dangerous locations. These robots are used around the world in military, security or search and rescue expeditions. They’ve even helped bust drug lords in Columbia!



Brett Sverkas and Andy Schonberger, Earth Rangers

March 22 is world water day. Brett and Andy are the mechanical engineers behind one of North America’s greenest buildings at the Earth Rangers Centre for Sustainable Technology. Watch their video to learn more about how engineering can reduce water and energy consumption.


Chris Goodine, Hockey Robotics

Chris programed the “brains” behind a robot that mimics the human slap shot. He wants to help hockey sticks become safer and stronger so that breakages no longer delay games or hurt players.


Sara Alavi, Bell Canada

Hello? Engineers like Sara create the magic that happens when you phone somebody. She makes sure all the communications between the devices happen – from the cell phone to the radio tower – so you can make calls anytime.


Jonathan Resnick, ClearCanvas

Jonathan wanted to make a difference in health care through software engineering. The systems he’s developed are used on almost every continent, including areas where traditional, expensive medical imaging technology isn’t available.