Experiential Learning Week Events - November 22nd


Thunder Bay

Career Exploration presentation to all grade 10 careers students at St. Ignatius


Sunnybrook Health Science Centre  was nominated for and will receive an Employer Champion Award which will be presented on  Monday November 22nd of that week at Queen's Park by the Education Minister


Prior to. and leading up to, this luncheon will be a "dream SHSM job lottery". Ballot boxes will be placed in all the high schools, with a poster featuring an employer from each SHSM sector who will be willing to take a "winner" of the lottery for a job shadowing experience. Announcements will take place during morning exercise in each of the schools regarding the "dream job lottery", for at least 2 weeks prior to draw.  The idea is that student's will enter the draw and indicate which job(s) they would like to experience (from already pre-selected employers on the list) for a day. The draw will take place during the luncheon and followed-up with the "winners" being connected with their employer and arrangements will be made for the job shadowing to take place.


We have confirmed that we will be on Roger's Inside Guelph on Monday November 22nd to talk about Experiential Learning Week.  Also, a reporter from the Guelph Mercury has agreed to do a story on at least one student's experiential learning experience during that week i.e. co-op placement, SHSM job shadow opportunity.)

North Bay   

High Skill Majors Employers Career Talks     8 employer speakers from representing SHSM areas will present a day in their life to students enrolled in the SHSM giving the students the opportunity to as k questions about the high skill major they are enrolled in but also the other SHSM offered in their community.

Four County LMB   

Partnering with Georgian College, OSCVI SHSM H &W students and Health Care class students will visit the Owen Sound campus for a day educational tour. They will visit the Nursing Simulator, plus other areas of the Georgian College Health Care program.Also the Skills Opportunity Showcase Trailer will be at OSCVI. Careers displayed inside will be in the Health Care Field, plus a station will be on the new SHSM at OSCVI. As well as the above listed students, Grade 10 Careers class will also visit the Trailer.