Co-op student of the week

Brooks is co-op student of the week

This week's co-operative education student of the week is courtesy of DSS student, Lauren Brooks.

Brooks is currently taking her co-operative education placement at Edgewater Gardens.

It is a fairly new facility right next to the hospital.

Brooks' duties during her co-op include assisting in feeding and bathing the residences of the home.

As a co-op student she also helps in assisting with organizing the residents' rooms and making their beds.

She also helps the residents if they need any assistance with mobility or anything at all.

If a resident needs help they will use a bell call and she will answer it and assist them.

To complete her day at the care facility, she completes log forms that she will get her supervisor to sign at the end of her day.

These show that she has done all her jobs and they are done properly.

Brooks said she is hoping to continue her education to post-secondary for respiratory therapist.

Brooks said she feels that the experience she gets in a hospital environment working with the people who can't care for themselves will help her in her future career.

Brooks enjoys her placement at Edgewater Gardens because she said she likes the hospital experience that she gets during her time there.

"I like that I have a different experience every day, even with the same people," said Brooks when asked what she liked about her placement.

The other employees speak very highly of her at her placement at Edgewater Gardens.

As well as her co-op placement at the long term care facility, Brooks also completes many different assignments for the school portion of her cooperative education.

She completes different assignments about employment research and was assigned to produce a sample cover letter and resumé as assignments so far.

During her co-op when she is at the school she attends classes and always completes her assignment on time said her teachers.

Brooks enjoys her co-op placement and is looking forward to more experiences as she continues in her placement at Edgewater Gardens.
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