A rewarding experience by Anna Gumieniak

January 13, 2010
Coop student talks about her coop experience.

The co-operative education program At Cardinal Newman provides students with an excellent opportunity to experience the working world while still attending secondary school.

Students are given the chance to expand their horizons through hands-on work.

This semester I have an exciting co-operative education placement at The Reptile Store in downtown Hamilton.

I chose this particular placement because I thought it would be interesting and I am dedicated to working with animals.

At The Reptile Store, I find that every day provides an excellent opportunity to learn through experience.

My responsibilities require a great deal of cleaning cages and aquariums, feeding the animals and checking to see that supplies are filled.

Part of my task also includes helping customers and discussing the different types of snakes, bearded dragons and crocodiles available for purchase.

I have seen snakes shed their skins, turtles eat mounds and mounds of vegetables, and crocodiles feed for the day.

It is an awesome experience, even when my days include such mundane tasks as washing the reptile dishes, sweeping the floors, cleaning the cages and feeding.

I plan to work with animals in the future and have found co-op to be a very rewarding and meaningful opportunity.
By Anna Gumieniak
The Hamilton Spectator