2012 Skills Canada competition heats up

Published: 2012-04-20 3:26:00 PM - Author: none
'Competition is heating up across the country as the 2012 Skills Canada National Competition swiftly approaches as students vie for a spot on Team Canada.

Following regional and provincial-territorial competitions, the national competition will take place at the Edmonton EXPO Centre from May 14 to 15...'

Changes to immigration system applauded by industry

Published: 2012-04-20 3:22:00 PM - Author: none
'The Canadian construction industry is applauding a new federal government plan to help fill growing labour shortages by changing the immigration system to make it easier for skilled tradespersons to immigrate to the country...'

For Google, the office is key to worker success

Published: 2012-04-20 3:10:00 PM - Author: none
'Want to really boost innovation? Ditch telecommuting and create office spaces that spur serendipitous encounters.

That’s what David Radcliffe, the Canadian-born executive tasked with scouring the planet for Google Inc. offices, advises. His job is to find urban spaces that can be turned into hip headquarters and design them to spark creativity, play and collaboration...'

CareerMash Girls Tech Jam

Published: 2012-04-20 3:02:00 PM - Author: none
'When girls get together, their ideas can be unstoppable! That’s why the CareerMash Youth Tech Jam series kicked off with a girls-only event earlier this month at Fletcher’s Meadow Secondary School in Brampton. With the help of CareerMash’s facilitators, 50 girls from three local high schools shared their hopes, dreams, fears and ideas about the future of technology and the digital society...'

'Smart Pen' Will Enable Collaborative Education

Published: 2012-04-20 2:56:00 PM - Author: none
'A Texas technology company has introduced a collaborative, electronic pen which, by functioning like an interactive whiteboard, will make creating a collaborative classroom easier and more cost-effective. Called Penvue, the new device allows teachers to make a whiteboard on any surface, such as a wall or a traditional projector screen, and then write digital notes on that surface, passing the pen to students who can then interact with the content...'

Three times more job hunters than vacancies: StatsCan

Published: 2012-04-20 2:51:00 PM - Author: none
'For every vacant job in Canada, there were 3.3 Canadians looking for work this past summer, a new survey by Statistics Canada shows.

In total, there were 811,000 people looking for work in the three months ending in September but only 248,000 openings, the agency said Tuesday.

The first survey of its kind since Statistics Canada stopped tracking Help Wanted ads, it proves there is a shortage of jobs, not workers, one labour economist said...'

Canada’s job crunch could ease by targeting immigration to long-term labour needs: TD Bank

Published: 2012-04-20 2:47:00 PM - Author: none
'If Canada made full use of its current immigrant potential there would be the equivalent of 370,000 more people working, according to a new report by Toronto-Dominion Bank.

Instead immigrant skills continue to be wasted – with many unemployed or underemployed, says the report...'

8 steps to a sensational social media campaign

Published: 2012-04-20 2:44:00 PM - Author: none
'...At the Dx3 Canada digital tradeshow this week, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, creators Angus Tucker and Mavis Huntley told how anybody could achieve the same result in what they called “eight easy steps.”...'

Stepping up for Helmets to Hardhats

Published: 2012-04-20 2:41:00 PM - Author: none
'...The program gives veterans exclusive access to jobs and training opportunities in the construction industry, where they can apply the skills they developed in the Canadian Forces. Once the website is up, it will be able to match transitioning veterans with their desired trade and location...'

Economic Indicator-March inflation rates

Published: 2012-04-20 2:37:00 PM - Author: none
QuickList: Inflation rates for selected Canadian cities during March
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