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The thought of going to work

Published: 2010-03-12 - Author: OBEP
Kiefer Vincent, a 17-year-old Perth District Collegiate Institute (PDCI) co-operative education student, with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lanark County.

Wrapping up a successful semester

Published: 2010-03-12 - Author: OBEP
The year was an overall success and all of the students enjoyed the class. Everyone will be happy leaving the class with all of their new certifications and knowledge.

Students get hands-on, real life experience with ADMH co-op

Published: 2010-03-12 - Author: OBEP
Learning doesn't just happen in a classroom, just ask five Arnprior District High School students who recently completed a Co-operative Education placement at Arnprior and District Memorial Hospital (ADMH) and The Grove.

School credit program celebrates success story

Published: 2010-03-12 - Author: OBEP
"For the first time in my life, I actually like school. Without this program I would never have gone back to high school."

A cross-generational thing

Published: 2010-03-12 - Author: OBEP
Teenagers make a connection with the seniors - through creative co-op experience.

A rewarding experience by Anna Gumieniak

Published: 2010-01-13 - Author: OBEP
Co-op student talks about her coop experience.

OCEA Awards 2010

Published: 2010-01-13 - Author: OBEP
Each year, OCEA members recognize colleagues who have made outstanding contributions to cooperative education and experiential learning.

High skills major programs growing at schools

Published: 2010-01-11 - Author: OBEP
The transition from ruling the school to being at the bottom of the rung is exciting but nerve-racking for many Grade 8 students.

Econowatch: A decade's end

Published: 2010-01-05 - Author: OBEP
A look back at a decade of triumph and heartbreak in the north American economy.
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