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Co-op programs help communities survive

Published: 2010-06-22 - Author: OBEP
Here's a new way to keep young people from leaving small towns: put them in co-op placements with local employers while they're still in high school.

Co-op education allows students to test drive careers

Published: 2010-06-18 - Author: OBEP
In Ontario's curriculum, students in high school have the opportunity to take the co-operative education program, a course that allows them to receive first-hand experience in the career they are interested in.

Bus- Ed. Partnership

Published: 2010-06-17 - Author: OBEP
The Business Education Partnership at Bishop Macdonell Catholic High School received a 2010 Passport to Prosperity Employer Champion Award on June 9, 2010 in recognition of its outstanding commitment to providing meaningful experiential learning programs for local high school students.

New high skills major at Banting

Published: 2010-06-17 - Author: OBEP
When school starts up again in September, a dozen or more Banting Memorial High School students will embark on an education path towards careers in nursing, physiotherapy and fitness.

Wilkinson Announces More Opportunities for Area High School

Published: 2010-06-13 - Author: OBEP
Ontario Expands Specialist High Skills Major Program

Wilkinson Announces More Opportunities for Area High School Students

Published: 2010-06-13 - Author: OBEP
Wilkinson Announces More Opportunities

Co-op program gives direction to at-risk student

Published: 2010-06-09 - Author: OBEP
Struggling Saint Paul High School student Holly Meisner found direction through her co-op education placement.

Young Canadians Attitudes Towards Science

Published: 2010-06-07 - Author: OBEP
The Canada Foundation for Innovation and Ipsos Reid present the first nationwide study of young Canadians attitudes towards science.

McGuinty Government Expands Specialist High Skills Major Program

Published: 2010-05-28 - Author: OBEP
More local high school students will get an academic and career edge with the expansion of the Specialist High School Majors (SHSM) program at local schools this fall.

Special Awards for Special Volunteers at Profiling Excellence Ceremony

Published: 2010-05-28 - Author: OBEP
Sir John A. Macdonald students were commissioned to create one-of-a-kind awards for 2010 Profiling Excellence volunteers.
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